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eDoc: Security Document Management System

eDoc is a complete solution for easily locating and retrieval of loan documents. It has the features to store and manage security documents of all loans in one central repository that is accessible and can be shared by all pertinent...

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BMS: Bond Management System

BMS is a complete web based solution to manage all the schedule activities from issuance to maturity of local currency sanchayapatras and foreign currency bonds. System features include auto generation of almost all transactions.

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eDeal: Treasury Management Solution

eDeal is an integrated treasury solution addressing the complete treasury management requirements of banks. eDeal covers a wide range of products including foreign exchange, money market, government securities...

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Loan Origination System

MicroMac's LendFacile is a comprehensive tool that will run all stages of lending process starting from data collection up to fund disbursement – with all steps in between automated. It is designed to fit the market need for digital...

Remittance Management System

ENVIO is a comprehensive Remittance Management System that provides seamless processing & administration of SWIFT remittances all the way to the payment. It smoothly facilities remittance transaction from ...

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Priority Banking Management System

PRECEDENCE is a CRM that makes bank and priority customer relation classy. It simplifies all major areas of priority customer interactions, such as managing contacts, handling service request, reminding customers on their document...

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LMS: Litigation Management System

LMS is a smart system to manage and monitor lawsuits and other legal activities. It provides end to end solutions for cases right from inception to post-judgment processes such as legal documentation...

LC Confirmation Management System

TradeLINK manages the LC confirmation lines properly as well as generates proper MIS. Bank officials will be able to send their LC confirmation request online. Benefits of using the system are: records the request...

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LOCO: Lease Management Solution

A fully integrated solution to help you meet IFRS 16 requirements. LOCO, a lease management solution providing easy accessible resources for all your lease information and documentation. By LOCO you have all your lease...

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Bill Payable Management System

GO GREEN automates the entire life cycle of bill from receive to disbursement. It ensures the SLA for disbursement of bill and has the ability to integrate with Core Banking Software...

Service Delivery Tracking System

SD Tracker is a user friendly application that automates the entire life cycle of service request from branch to head office of banks. It covers a significant number of services related to account and card...

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CSMS: Collateral Security Management System

CSMS is a user friendly web-based application that makes it possible for commercial banks to meet central bank's collateral reporting requirement. It simplifies the process of entry and management of data to generate and submit...

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goAML Middleware

MicroMac has developed a solution ‘goAML Middleware’ to produce CTR/STR returns to Bangladesh Bank as per their guideline. goAML middleware acts as a bridge between a core banking software (CBS) and Bangladesh Bank goAML web portal...

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Bangladesh Bank Data Warehouse Reporting Tool

A robust and user-friendly application that enables banks and other financial institutions to meet the requirements of Bangladesh Bank Enterprise Data Warehouse...

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RUPANTOR: Multilingual Sanction Letter System

A highly effective, simple, easy and user friendly software, facilitates generation of loan sanction letters into any language swiftly and securely...

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A Complete Archiving System

A secure, easy to use document archiving system for efficient document capture and storage, search and retrieval, and file sharing....

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FX & Credit Return Automation

The system automates the process of generating report as per Bangladesh Bank FI Master Report format and RIT. The system minimizes manual effort, ensures accuracy and enhances monitoring.....

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Environmental & Social Risk Categorization Tool

A user-friendly application that provides a robust, auto generated, quantitative risk assessment system to reduce the subjectivity of a qualitative risk analysis method, promulgated in the ERM ...

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Connect to Core Banking Software automatic updates and simple NOSTRO account reconciliation

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eSignature Booklet

eSignature Booklet Solution is a AS/PA profile management system...

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Tender Management System

A centralized solution with more streamlined method of submitting, managing and receiving tender documents than the traditional paper-based process ...

MicroMac Other Solutions

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HMS: Hospital Management System

HMS is a complete web based Hospital Management System. It’s user friendly interface fully geared up to meet the demands of running a modern hospital or clinic.

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STASH: Inventory Management System

STASH is an easy to use, quick to deploy inventory management system that increases visibility and control of all inventory management processes.