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eSignature Booklet is a printed version of Authorized Signature Booklet. The system helps correspondent banks (Home and abroad) to verify the Authorized Signatures of the officials of the Bank in a smoother and faster manner.

Features & Functionalities

  • The system has the provision to manage PA/AS profile. The profile consist of Bank Name, Branch Name, PA/AS Holder Name, Employee Id, Designation, Functional Designation, PA Number, PA Signature, AS Number and AS Signature fields, free fields and Others information as deemed necessary.
  • The system has the option of inputting and uploading of signature.
  • Option is available to have separate dynamic write permission and view permission of in-house signatures & other bank signatures.
  • Separate control panel and account for other bank users are available.
  • Access of only viewing signature is available by other bank users as Administrative Roles so that they can create USER ID as per their requirement.
  • Signature filtering option is available by Bank Name, PA/AS Holder Name, Employee Id, PA Number, AS Number, etc.


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