A centralized solution with more streamlined method of submitting, managing and receiving tender documents than the traditional paper-based process

MicroMac’s PROFFER is an integrated tender management solution addressing the complete tender management requirements of banks. PROFFER has the features of publishing, communicating, accessing, receiving and submitting of all tender-related information and documentation via the Internet, thereby replacing the traditional processes, and achieving a more efficient and effective business process for all parties involved. PROFFER provides a more streamlined method of submitting, managing and receiving tender documents than the traditional paper-based process.

PROFFER is a tool that helps run tenders and requests for proposals more efficiently than email, fax or phone. It helps compose and publish tenders, communicate with suppliers, evaluate bids and select the best vendor. PROFFER is of great value to both the management team and procurement professionals.

PROFFER gives you more control over your tenders by providing a clear overview of all actions, which both reduces manual labor and helps teams collaborate. Receiving bids, messages and vendors’ questionnaire answers all in one, ready-to-be-evaluated format saves teams time and makes the entire process more transparent.

Benefits of Bank

  • The sourcing professional is often under pressure for time so it is important that the administrative tasks are streamlined and minimized. PROFFER securely manages tenders which can be issued to selected bidders error free and on time.
  • Master templates are available for all types of sourcing activities to cut down on drafting times
  • A full audit trail of change, updates and actions is kept.
  • Tenders can be sent out and received ONLINE with or without attachments.
  • Costs are reduced in the preparation and the distribution of the documents and the responses.
  • Reduced likelihood of poor submissions and costly delays due to suppliers not being in possession of the latest versions and updates.
  • Security and limited access via passwords.

Benefits of Tenderer

  • Forthcoming tenders can be accessed early through subscribing to PROFFER.
  • Previous bids are all kept in one place for any future reference.
  • Detailed records are kept of times and dates of submissions, win and lose statistics with interrogation facilities.
  • Less time needed for bidding.


  • Ability to manage the entire process from issue of the tender to awarding the contract.
  • Distribute all tender documentation via a secure web-based system.
  • Issuing tender requests ONLINE to qualifying registered companies either for free or for a fee.
  • Automatically notify participating companies with any changes to tender or specifications.
  • SMS/Email notifications are sent out automatically for vendors/bidders to download and respond to electronically.
  • Updates and queries are exchanged during the tender period.
  • Access control allowing for limited procurement persons to manage the tender process.
  • Various SMS/Email notifications to bidders such as tender publish notification, tender award notification, etc.
  • All tender-related information is stored in a central database, which is easily searchable and fully audited, with all activities recorded.
  • Tender documents are read or submitted only by authorized parties.
  • PROFFER ensures that only ‘monitored’ or ‘authorized’ alterations can be made to any tender.
  • The tenderer is able to amend the bid online at any stage up to tender close.
  • Routine archiving is taken place regularly.
  • Application security comply Bangladesh Bank ICT guideline.