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A fully integrated solution to help you meet IFRS 16 requirements.

LOCO, a lease management solution, allows you to track lease data, get automatically notified of a key dates and tasks, and uncover insights about the financial health of your lease agreement.


  • Streamline lease payable operations and reduce cost by improving response and closure times
  • Manage landlord database
  • Handle the impact of IFRS 16 on leases
  • Manage transitional rules and the entire life of the lease
  • API available to interface IFRS 16 journals and lease payments to CBS and ERP
  • Email & SMS notification or reminders to make sure in time response
  • Create an asset class matrix and define discount rates by asset type
  • Protect brand reputation and increase landlord or partner satisfaction index by reducing Mean Time to Serve (MTTS)
  • Management time savings through single window monitoring
  • Administrative time savings through performance reports
  • Increases visibility and transparency

Track key lease data

Never miss a critical event with automated notifications, including start and end dates, break clauses, rent reviews and indexations.



Manage rent and advance payments by integrating with your CBS or ERP system.

Analytics and Insight

Ensure complete financial control by seeing a comprehensive overview of all cost-driven information.

Improve Operations

Improve business processes to drive reduction in time from initial concept to actual building use.

Features & Functionalities


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