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GO GREEN makes Bank and Vendor relation classy

GO GREEN automates the entire life cycle of bill from receive to disbursement. It ensures the SLA for disbursement of bill and has the ability to integrate with Core Banking Software.


  • Streamline bill payable management operations and reduce costs by improving response and closure times.
  • Email and SMS reminders to make sure in time response.
  • Protect brand reputation and increase vendor or partner satisfaction index by reducing Mean Time to Serve (MTTS).
  • Management time savings through single window monitoring.
  • Administrative time savings through performance reports.
  • Increases visibility and transparency.

Features & Functionalities

  • Complete web based solution ensures maintaining and updating the system much simpler as it could all be done on the server.
  • The system has an extensive user module. Besides create/edit/delete users there will be option to set privilege. Users access only the data and functions they are permitted to. The software complies with Bangladesh Bank ICT security guidelines. Option is available to manage ICT security parameters dynamically.
  • Organizes vendor information into a single comprehensive system that provides easy access, review, and retrieval. vendor can be listed in different categories. In addition, a vendor can provide different services and VAT rate can be set up depending on the service.
  • Smooth management and tracking of payable request.
  • Besides vendor bills petty cash, security deposit, accrual liabilities, etc. are also manageable.
  • Payment memos or notes can be created dynamically and automatically.
  • Bills can be segregated appropriately to define cost center, cost head, VAT, tax, etc.
  • Creates original accounting entries to be automatically posted to CBS.
  • Manages bill disbursement status and can send notification to department & vendor.
  • Journals can be created for single or multiple bills.
  • There is option to manage the reconciliation process of bill to maintain vendor ledger properly.
  • Beside vendor bills, there are options to manage utility bills (electricity, WASA, Telephone, Cellular Phone, Drinking Water Bills, etc.)
  • Automatic status of full or partial bills, work order outstanding, duplicate payment checking, multi currencies, vendor payment slip, govt. challans, etc. are also available.
  • Extensive reporting module.


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