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Ensuring secured and top performance for all Inward & Outward SWIFT Remittance across bank

ENVIO is a comprehensive Remittance Management System that provides seamless processing & administration of SWIFT remittances all the way to the payment. This solution provides recording, interpreting, classifying, analyzing, reporting to finally generating payment/transaction receipt.


  • Accelerated Remittance Processing: It provides a secure, efficient, and user-friendly platform for managing international money transfers, leveraging the strengths and global reach of the SWIFT network.
  • Detailed Transaction Reports: Comprehensive reports on transaction history and status.
  • Analytics Dashboard: Interactive dashboard for analyzing transaction patterns and performance metrics.
  • Risk Mitigation: Mitigate risks with robust credit scoring and risk assessment tools, ensuring sound lending decisions and portfolio management.

Key Features

  • Complete SWIFT remittance solution.
  • Inward and outward remittance.
  • VISA channel inward remittance.
  • Fund transfer.
  • Automatic conversion of SWIFT MT-103, MT-940 and MT-950 to the readable format.
  • Student, corporate, medical, salary, consultancy, NGO and others remittance files can be managed.
  • Inward/outward remittance receiving/sending limit management and monitoring.
  • Customer incentive management.
  • Purpose code wise auto TAX calculation.
  • Outward FDD/FTT.
  • Outward instant and future charges management.
  • FDD inventory and branch wise distribution management.
  • Outward cancellation management.
  • SMS and Email reminder to customer.
  • FORM - C digitalization.
  • TM number management.
  • Branch incentive.
  • Document management.
  • Auto generation of Encashment, TAX, VAT, etc. certificates and charges management.
  • Various GL setup and management.
  • NOSTRO accounts and charge management.
  • System has the flexibility to directly integrate with any core software by web services/API.
  • Besides create/edit/delete users, there will be the option to set privileges. Users access only the data and functions they are permitted to. Security is enhanced by IP and MAC based authentication.
  • Regulatory reporting and internal MIS.


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