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MicroMac's LOS is a comprehensive tool that will run all stages of lending process starting from data collection up to fund disbursement – with all steps in between automated. It is designed to fit the market need for digital and automated lending experience.

Bank's Benefits:

  • Automation of process that supports the digital transformation of lending processes.
  • Significant reductions in processing time to process credit applications.
  • Increases productivity by actively managing loan completeness by removing non-value-added work steps.
  • Reduces risk, lending cost and increases customer satisfaction index by ensuring less time to serve.
  • Task management – to coordinate team efficiency.
  • Audit preparation and exception management is swift and done in a click.
  • Saves management and administrative time through single window monitoring and performance reporting respectively.

User's Benefits:

  • Eliminates risk of errors – system guides users and ensures data consistency.
  • Data entry once – no need to type the same data more than once.
  • Faster decision - automated flows and no time-consuming processes.
  • My Inbox/Queue - All incoming cases are easily handled according to SLA priorities.

Customer's Benefits:

  • Quick pre-qualification and credit decision.
  • Digital document flow.
  • Email and SMS notifications regarding application statuses.
  • Decision and fund disbursement in less time.


  • CIB Functions, Data Capturing Functions
  • File Allocation, Fraud Check Functions
  • Credit Turnover calculation, Scoring Function (Salaried only)
  • CPV Function, Income and DBR Calculation
  • Approval Function, Decline Functions, Drop/Cancel Functions
  • Send Query Management Functions
  • Inbox Functions, Smart Queue Management Functions
  • History Management Functions
  • Electronic Approval, Real Time Status Update Functions
  • Source View, Application Tracking, Documentation
  • Data Download, Disbursement
  • User Access Control, File Deletion, Administrative