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Revolutionizing the way of managing sanchayapatras and bonds by leveraging the latest in web based technologies

Bond Management System, BMS, is a complete web based solution to manage all the schedule activities from issuance to maturity of local currency sanchayapatras and foreign currency bonds. System features include auto generation of almost all transactions. It covers customer database, stock, sales, commission, paritoshik, interest, encashment, auto reinvestment, lien, auto coupon encashment, death risk benefit, accounting, purchase and tax certificates, Bangladesh Bank statements and reports, different MIS, dashboard, etc.


  • Support multiple zones, stock and branches.
  • Covers all the prevailing sanchayapatras and bonds and have the competence to create new products.
  • Comply all government rules and regulations of sanchayapatras and bonds.
  • Built-in tools to accommodate any changes.
  • Application security comply Bangladesh Bank ICT guidelines.
  • Ability to integrate with core banking software.
  • Built-in data migration tools.

Benefits of Using BMS

  • Gain customer satisfaction by reducing Mean Time to Serve (MTTS).
  • Stock transfer facility among branches.
  • Payment forecasting for future cash outflow.
  • Accommodate the reconciliation of any payment advice of Bangladesh Bank.
  • Revenue generation by Auto Coupon Encashment Service (ACES).
  • Script and interest token printing facility.
  • Save man-hour and operational cost.


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