Banking Solutions

Used by leading banks and financial institutions in bangladesh, MicroMac banking solutions provides consolidated global management and reporting. MicroMac banking solutions enable banks to carry out essential tasks across loan documentation, sanchayapatra and bond business, treasury operations, priority banking, documents archiving, regulatory reporting, etc.

  • eDeal: Treasury Management Solution

    eDeal covers entire lifecycle of deal (right from pre-deal analytics, order management, deal capture, position management, valuation, bank account management, reconciliation, etc.). The solution also has a powerful risk management module for maintaining limits and exposures tracking for regulatory and internal compliance.

  • BMS: Bond Management System

    BMS is a complete web based solution to manage all the schedule activities (from issuance to maturity) of Bangladesh Govt. sanchayapatra and bond. System features include automatic generation of almost all transactions, various statements in compliance with Bangladesh Bank and different MIS for internal use.

  • eDoc: Security Document Management System

    eDoc is a security document management system for easily locating and retrieval of loan documents. It has the features to store and manage security documents of all loans in one central repository that is accessible and can be shared by all pertinent employees of the bank in a rapid manner.

  • PBMS: Priority Banking Management System

    Priority banking is relatively new in Bangladesh. In this form of banking, the bank identifies its priority customers and some special benefits are provided to these first class customers by the bank.

  • DigiDoc: A Complete Archiving System

    DigiDoc is a secure, easy to use document archiving system for efficient document capture and storage, search and retrieval, and file sharing.

  • goAML Middleware

    goAML middleware acts as a bridge between a core banking software (CBS) and Bangladesh Bank (BB) goAML web portal. It allows rapid and secure exchange of information between commercial bank and BB. The confidentiality of the collected data is ensured.

  • Bangladesh Bank Data Warehouse Reporting Tool

    BBDAWAR Tool is a web based application to automate the submission of information to Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) of Bangladesh Bank (BB). It also standardizes definitions used throughout the bank and reduces redundancies in information submission.