STASH: Inventory Management System

STASH: Inventory Management System

STASH is an easy to use, quick to deploy inventory management system that increases visibility and control of all inventory management processes. STASH meets all the requirements for efficient management of inventories and provides all the activities involved in the flow of item right from item requirement determination, generating purchase orders, receipt to issue or sale. STASH can manage a small business, retail, whole sale, outlet and can scale up to manage a retail chain of hundred of stores. This software is suitable for business like Trader of Raw Materials, General Suppliers, Consumers, Retail Shop, Electrical, Mechanical, Chemical, Electronics, Spare Parts, Stationary and Shoe etc.


  • Web Based Application: STASH is a complete web based application. The system needs only be installed on the server placing minimal requirements on the end user workstation. This makes maintaining and updating the system much simpler as usually it can all be done on the server. Any client updates can be deployed via the web server with relative ease
  • Item Database: Item can be defined across the entire software. Items can be associated with multi-category. Inventory management rules can be defined as inventory reorder points. All the items have weighted average costing method. STASH supports the definition of a series of Item-specific properties including measurement Unit and marking the item as issue or sale able
  • Supplier Database: STASH organizes standard supplier information into a single comprehensive system that provides easy access, review and retrieval
  • Multiple Stocks: STASH has the facility to manage multiple stocks
  • Purchase Order Management: STASH generates purchase order based on item reorder points. Email purchase order directly to supplier from STASH. STASH receives inventory against purchase order to further improve operation efficiency
  • Item Receive: STASH has the ability to efficiently receive item into stock. It is adaptable to handle both full and partial receiving against a purchase order. Good Receive Note (GRN) will be automatically generated
  • Purchase Return: STASH can manage item purchase return. Stock will be automatically updated based on purchase return
  • Customer Database: STASH has the competence to assign each customer a unique ID that contains detail information of the customer
  • Item Sale/Issue: STASH has a user friendly interface to manage item sale or issue
  • Sales Return: ales return can also be managed by STASH
  • User Module: STASH has an extensive user module. Besides create/edit/delete users there are option to set user privilege. Users access only the data and functions they are permitted to
  • Reporting: Standard reports are provided with STASH, such as, Category wise Product List, List of Supplier, Purchase Order, Item Receive/Purchase Report, Good Receive Note (GRN), Stock Report, Purchase Return Report, Item Sale/Issue Report, Sale Invoice, Challan, Sales Return Report, Stock Adjustment Report, User Log, User Activity Report, etc.

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STASH: Inventory Management System

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