eDoc: Security Document Management System

eDoc: Security Document Management System

eDoc is a security document management system for easily locating and retrieval of loan documents. It has the features to store and manage security documents of all loans in one central repository that is accessible and can be shared by all pertinent employees of the bank in a rapid manner.


  • eDoc is a solution to faster access and retrieval of documents associated with loans.
  • Streamline the management of loan files and eliminate cost/risk of missing documentation.
  • Immediate online access to loan documents and information makes proactive management a reality, accelerating decisions, reducing cycle time and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • eDoc can show how to eliminate non-value-added work steps and actively manage loan file completeness.
  • Audit preparation and exception management is done in a click.


  • Automated CIB Inquiry
  • Loan Covenant
  • Dynamic Document Checklist
  • Corporate, SME & Retail Documentation
  • Cross Collateralizations
  • Retail Sanction Letter
  • SMS and Email Reminder
  • Security Satisfaction Certificate (SSC)
  • Law Suit Information
  • Dashboard & MIS
  • Regularity Reporting
  • Vault Management


  • Smooth management and tracking of security documents.
  • Increase customer satisfaction index by reducing Mean Time to Serve (MTTS).
  • Prevent disaster and cost of lost documents.
  • Savings are derived from the elimination of couriers, copying, transportation, and accommodation costs.
  • Reduce risk of exception tracking.
  • Ensure information security and comply Bangladesh Bank ICT guideline.
  • User friendly interface to increase staff efficiency.
  • Save management time through single window monitoring.
  • Save administrative time through performance reports.
  • Increases visibility and transparency.

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eDoc: Security Document Management System

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