eDeal: Treasury Management Solution

eDeal: Treasury Management Solution

eDeal covers entire lifecycle of deal (right from pre-deal analytics, order management, deal capture, position management, valuation, bank account management, reconciliation, etc.). The solution also has a powerful risk management module for maintaining limits and exposures tracking for regulatory and internal compliance.


  • Automatic notification of risk alerts
  • Accrual of coupon interest
  • Revaluation, Amortization and AFS Calculation
  • Auto statement generation: DV5-rv, DV5-5d (C), DV5-5p (C), DV5-5rp (C)
  • Auto generation of various voucher
  • Full reporting capability including Bangladesh Bank specific regulatory reports


  • Covers a wide range of products including foreign exchange, money market, government securities (bills & bonds), etc.
  • Dealer and counter party limit checking
  • Customizable deal blotter
  • 'What if' deals to test the impact of specific position of future trades
  • Deal settlement and confirmation handling
  • NOSTRO accounts and fund transfer management
  • SWIFT message processing


  • Achieve a consolidated view of risk across the organization
  • Reduces costs & increases productivity
  • Improves data transparency to support decision making
  • Improves cash forecasting
  • Improves collaboration with business units
  • Bangladesh Bank RIT Reporting

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eDeal: Treasury Management Solution

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