CSMS: Collateral Security Management System

CSMS: Collateral Security Management System

CSMS is a user friendly application that makes it possible for Bank to meet angladesh Bank collateral reporting. In order to automate collateral or security information and standardize definitions used throughout the bank, Bangladesh Bank has taken the initiative to implement a Collateral Information System. In this context MicroMac Techno Valley Ltd. has developed an application, Collateral Security Management System (CSMS), to simplify the process of entry and management of data to generate and submit the report to meet Bangladesh Bank requirements.


  • Web Based Application: CSMS is a complete web based application. This makes maintaining and updating the system much simpler as usually it can all be done on the server
  • Reference Data/Domain Table: CSMS can import domain table data (bulk data also) provided by Bangladesh Bank. It supports both full and incremental load to ensure the highest level of performance. Besides import option is also available to entry domain table data
  • Data Entry: Data entry form is the common use case in CSMS Tool. The following forms are available to entry all the data as per Bangladesh Bank requirements
    • - Borrower & Owner
    • - Mortgage
    • - Hypothecation
    • - Land & Building
    • - Flat
    • - Capital Machinery
  • Validations: CSMS is complied with all the validations as per Bangladesh Bank’s guidelines
  • Integration with CBS: CSMS is capable to integrate with Core Banking System (CBS) to retrieve borrower and others data
  • User Management: CSMS has an extensive user module. Besides create/edit/delete users there will be option to set user privilege
  • Bangladesh Bank ICT Security Guidelines: CSMS is complied with Bangladesh Bank ICT security guidelines

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CSMS: Collateral Security Management System

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